Delivering Outstanding Information Technology Resources




                     COST CONTROL






                         QUALITY ASSURANCE


  • AT's quality assurance begins with intensive training,

    awareness programs, and adherence to industry high quality



  • AT maintains strict recruiting guidelines that ensure the

     accurate identification, screening, and processing of all






  • We utilize a combination of in-house recruiters, a contingent of

     remote recruiters and a superior proprietary database to satisfy

     customer  needs


  • Our model emphasizes quality and results, but minimizes

     unnecessary overhead costs.


  • These savings are reflected in the rates we offer to clients



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                                 Arena Technical, LLC

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                                 Rockville, MD  20850

                                 301-654-0003 (o)

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                                    THE AT EDGE


  • AT provides a competitive advantage to clients by providing increased, flexible staffing and recruiting power offsite and onsite


  • For the past 25 years AT principals have provided contract and staffing services for Hardware and Software systems development across industries


  • AT offers a broad base of consulting expertise from Legacy to Leading Edge technologies


  • AT is capable of solving the most diverse technical problems


  • AT's strength lies in its ability and commitment to attract, and deliver qualified technical professionals in a cost effective and timely manner enabling clients to meet business objectives